Best moment when (love version)




an aries says you’re the best
a taurus gives you a handmade gift
a gemini wants to go steady
a cancer shows you their favorite spot
a leo tries to cook for you
a virgo writes something about you
a libra stops trying to impress you
a scorpio acts childish
a sagittarius includes you in their future plans
a capricorn smiles widely 
an aquarius manages to express their feelings
a pisces blushes for no reason

august horoscopes!!


• PISCES - send someone butt pics and ur month will be good

• AQUARIUS - ur aesthetics need to change

• SAGITTARIUS - u watch too much porn but whatever

• SCORPIO - don’t text him back

• VIRGO - this month will be good if u have good eyebrows… if not, sort out your eyebrows

• GEMINI - stop being a shady hoe

• CAPRICORN - stop feelin sorry for yourself

• LEO - your recently used emojis will tell u how this month goes

• LIBRA - stop waiting for people who wouldn’t wait for u

• TAURUS - don’t forget to tell someone you hate them this month

• ARIES - ur next bf/gf is gonna be the hottest of all ur exes

• CANCER - you think you’re the fire emoji but this month ur the poop emoji sorry ;////